About us

In Deep Intelligence we have a motto that we try to fulfill every day, in all our work:

"Disruptive technologies should meet our needs, not create new ones"

DeepInt was born as a result of the collaboration in several European projects, between companies and institutions such as DCSC, IoT Digital Innovation Hub, BISITE Research Group and Air Institute.

Air Institute
IOT Innovation Hub
About Us

Our team has great expertise and a wide experience in Machine Learning and other advanced technologies. As we progressed in other projects, many clients asked us about the possibilities of applying Machine Learning in their businesses. There were also customers who were unhappy with their current tools because they either didn't get the information they needed, or they found it extremely difficult to learn and use.

It was then when we decided to create Deep Intelligence. It should be not only an application of the latest technologies, but also a user-friendly tool 100% focused on making business-driven decisions. Another important point was about versality: Deep Intelligence should be able to be both a tool of use in a general scope, and also adaptable to the specific requirements of a particular client or sector.

The first operational version of Deep Intelligence was released in 2018. Since then we have implemented a continuous advance in its features that has made possible a progressive implementation by numerous customers who are worldwide leaders of the most important sectors.

We continue to work with the illusion of the first day, and very happy with the fruits of our labour!

About Us